In 2017, Amy and I started our own Multifamily Investing journey with CAMBE Capital. What many people may not know is that CAMBE was a name chosen by Amy and I to represent our family (Curt, Amy, Morgan, Brock, Emma). After 2 years, our friends and family are still questioning, “Curt, what is CAMBE and is this really you and Amy?”. After much internal deliberation, external consulting and consideration over the last few months, we have decided to change our company name to Beilke Investments. Beilke Investments will bring greater name recognition and brand awareness to our company goals.

Our goal remains simple…help you generate strong, consistent, passive income in deals with solid appreciation and potential, so that you can live life on your terms!

During this transition, you will see our logos change from CAMBE Capital to Beilke Investments, our website will redirect to www.beilkeinvestments.com, our social media will be renamed Beilke Investments and our email address will be @beilkeinvestments.com. Please do yourself the favor of adding curtb@beilkeinvestments.com to your contact list so that you don’t miss any correspondence or news!

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We look forward to working with you in 2020!