We are a national multi-family investment firm focused on major metropolitan statistical areas that demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy, and a growing real GDP.

Core Team

Curtiss W. Beilke

Executive Chairman

Curtiss Beilke embodies a passion and deep commitment for successful executive management, bringing more than 21 years of proven leadership and business experience to the table. He has a solid foundation of knowledge that equips him to make quick, accurate and intelligent business decisions. Curtiss has been involved in many recreation property transactions and has done single family rehabs.

Amy K. Beilke

Investor Relations Manager

Amy is the Investor Relations Manager at Beilke Investments. Working closely with Curt and Joe, she supports and develops long-term client relationships. Amy is the co-owner of Timber Ford of Hayward, the new car automotive franchise. She plays various roles in her company including customer service, client relationships, and marketing.

Diego Alonzo

Marketing Ops
B2B & B2C – Social Media Manager

Diego is the in-house marketing specialist, tasked with creating engaging copy for social media, websites, email, blogs, and more. He holds a social communications degree and has 5+ years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, doing email and marketing automation, strategy, content planning, and QA as a marketing manager.

Strategic Partners

Prashant Kumar

Executive Chairman

Prashant Kumar is a Certified Commercial Investment Member and the CEO and President of My Realty Gains. He has a real passion to assist others, especially ultra-busy professionals to identify Grade ‘A’ investment opportunities, effectively freeing up more of their time so they get peace of mind and a prosperous lifestyle in the long run.

Joe Fairless

Board Member
Business Strategy and Acquisitions

Joe Fairless controls over $650,000,000 worth of real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. He’s currently the host of the longest running daily real estate podcast, “The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever,” which generates almost 250,000 monthly downloads. Joe is on the Alumni Advisory Board for Texas Tech University and the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement in Cincinnati.

Mission Statement

At Beilke Investments, we believe that giving value in abundance is the best thing one can do to make life better for everyone.

For that reason, we aim to build a legacy by investing and maintaining facilities and properties that make people’s lives better. To achieve that, we bring value with tools and education that can enable investors to achieve financial freedom by generating consistent cash flow and increasing their earned income.

Get Started With Passive Investing

Creating wealth is also about giving value to others; that’s why we’ve prepared a short guide to get started in real estate passive investing. Our new digital book also serves as a companion piece to investors who want to have a quick reference guide and refresh their memory on terminology and operation procedures.

Our ebook