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Generate more cash flow by leveraging the advantages of real estate syndication on multi-family complexes, assisted living facilities, and more!

Why Multi-Family And Senior Living Should Be Your Next Investment?

It is a smart way to diversify your investment portfolio and generate a steady income.

More so than any other real estate class, multi-family properties are arguably one of the most lucrative real estate investment options.

These complexes generate significant cash flow with even more opportunity to force appreciation and add long-term value over time.

Simply put, investors who diversify into multi-family and assisted living facilities outperform those who don’t.

Get Started With Passive Investing

Creating wealth is also about giving value to others; that’s why we’ve prepared a short guide to get started in real estate passive investing. Our new digital book also serves as a companion piece to investors who want to have a quick reference guide and refresh their memory on terminology and operation procedures.

How Does It Work?

It is a simple 4-step process

We partner with accredited investors after we identify and evaluate stable markets and desirable neighborhoods that project long-term performance

After a comprehensive multi-month valuation process, we purchase and renovate value-add property

Once the property is renovated and improved, it is sold at maximum value

Profits are distributed to investors

Who We Are

Curtiss Beilke embodies a passion and deep commitment for successful executive management. Amy Beilke is responsible for supporting and developing long-term client relationships.

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Find resources and educate yourself in the world of passive investing. Our articles will help you gain a deeper understanding of trends, good investing practices, and how to build a legacy to live a purpose-driven life.

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Create Wealth And Give Value To Others


We believe that the best way to build enduring wealth and a legacy is making smart choices through passive investing and prioritizing the future of our loved ones.

Multi-family  and residential assisted living are among the most consistent ways to generate more cash flow.

Understanding the rise in renting in the United States over the years as well as how the demand for senior living facilities and services will increase exponentially, is the first step to take action and invest in what it can be one of the most profitable opportunities in the coming years.