Curt and Amy Beilke are the creators and co-founders of CAMBE Capital, a multi-family real-estate investment firm. They believe in creating passive income for their future and the future of their investors. Currently, Curt and Amy are general partners in two multifamily syndication investment projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, MacArthur Place and Marabella.  Curt and Amy would love to help you reach your future financial dreams! 

Curt has had a love for the real estate market for many years. He worked in the real estate field in 1994-1996, he then transitioned into the car business. Through his 20 plus years in the car business, Curt has developed a solid business acumen that equips him for success. Curt and Amy currently own and operate Timber Ford of Hayward, a new Ford Motor Company vehicle franchise in Northern Wisconsin. Their continued love for real estate, the business world and creating an environment for passive income is never far from their minds. Curt and Amy have continued to grow that love through a professional mentorship and partnership with Joe Fairless a leader in multifamily syndications space. They have also attended many conferences on multifamily investment syndications, read many books and continue to listen to podcasts daily to grow  their knowledge in the real estate field.  

Together, Curt and Amy enjoy many silent sports, including swimming, hiking, mountain biking, boating, traveling and concentrating on their personal growth. They live in Hayward, WI along with their 3 children and two dogs. Curt and Amy also find time to volunteer in their community and the opportunity to financially give back through the creation of their GIVE BACK Foundation. Read more here about CAMBE Capital and Curt and Amy.