Why Multi-Family?

If you can learn how to take advantage of its benefits, you will soon be on the path to creating wealth and steadily building a legacy.

There is a reason why multi-family properties like apartment complexes and assisted living facilities are so popular among real estate investors. These types of properties play a vital role in the real estate industry because it is the best and most affordable housing option for families, as well as people at various stages in their lives.

That alone makes multi-family real estate one of the best options for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio. However, there are many more benefits that make this a strong investment vehicle.

The benefits of investing in multi-family and residential assisted living

Recent studies show that the United States is becoming a nation of renters. This type of property will award you several income streams that will open more opportunities as you gain more experience and equity. 

The cost of investing in value-add property is cheaper than other types of real estate. It is for this reason that it makes the ideal step for first-time investors since it is relatively risk-free.

It is possible to decrease or eliminate the amount of taxable income through tax depreciation. In some cases, this depreciation expense could eliminate the annual taxable income.

You can maximize the value of your investment and create equity by raising rents, reducing expenses, increasing occupancy, and making strategic value-add improvements.

This type of investment can boost your portfolio quickly! Inspecting and closing on one apartment building is less time-consuming than doing the same for several single-family homes.

Multi-Family Investing Made Easy with Beilke Investments

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